• Personal Growth

    Coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.

    Jihan Amer

    Transformational Coaching

    Jihan is a certified Licensed
    Life Coach, Spiritual Coach &
    Life Purpose Coach.


    Rayellen Kishbach

    Circle Place

    Circle Place hosts gatherings and circles where people practice belonging. There is magic in creating a safe space, co-participating bravely and slowing down to truly listen with our whole hearts.

    Rayellen is founder of Circle Place, LLC. and a board member of A Mystic Haven, Inc. Her offerings in community include facilitating workshops, circles and one-with-one individual sessions to practice the art of belonging.

    Rayellen Kishbach

    978 – 772 – 7974


    Circle Place Community

    Eduardo da Silva

    Eduardo has a passion for high-efficiency performance through self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal mastery. His life experiences have helped him gain greater insight into the contemporary challenges faced by the ever evolving and demanding lifestyle of the corporate professional.

    Eduardo’s people skills are blended with his powerful intuition and ability to shift perspectives. He heads the EQIQ coaching program and is responsible for our diversity and inclusion training initiatives. Eduardo is an avid yoga practitioner and outdoor enthusiast, and enjoys preparing vibrant meals for friends and family.