A Mystic Haven is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization


We help individuals transform their lives through personal growth, spiritual growth, and alternative healing arts so that they can heal themselves and the world.


We create a more peaceful and harmonious world by helping individuals transform their lives.

Who we serve

We serve all Seekers dedicated to Individual & Collective Evolution and welcome peoples of all backgrounds.

A Sanctuary for Transformation

We align with the White Peacock because it has a multitude of positive symbolism, such as: Awakening, Spirituality, Light, Purity, Transformation, Alchemy, Beauty, New Beginnings, Eternal Life, Resurrection, Nobility, Guidance, Good Luck, Positive Self Esteem, Taking the Right Path, Protection. The eye-shaped image in the feather symbolizes the third eye, the spiritual chakra.

At A Mystic Haven, we create a safe container, a sanctuary, where your soul’s gifts can be awakened and fulfilled. We offer transformational tools to help you along your life’s journey.

Renew, Rejuvenate & Create

A Mystic Haven invites you on a unique journey to discover your souls calling and manifest it into reality.

We offer Esoteric Studies, Meditation Practices, Embodied Movement, Yoga, Community Chant Circles, Sound Bath Mediations, Ecotherapy and a myriad of other Healing Arts to assist in your personal and spiritual transformation.

Transformational Coaching programs include Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Relationship and Health Coaching.