At Mystic Haven, living towards a life of higher ideals to
nurture the shift of human awareness is who we are.

The leading transformative tools that we use are spiritual
retreats, meditation practices, and workshops that raise
personal & collective evolution of consciousness.

Our Mission is to:

  • connect clients to leading transformative programs.
  • help clients access the clarity they need in moving towards their life goals.
  • motivate and inspire clients to shift in the direction of living fully.
  • help clients connect to their own inner wisdom and sense of guidance.
  • help clients live from a heart-centered awareness and greater sense of presence.
  • give clients tools that bring about moment-to-moment transformation.
  • help clients tap into the their innate healing resources.
  • provide a safe and nurturing space for growth and healing.
  • help clients find a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.
  • help clients connect more deeply with their authenticity.
  • help clients bring their gifts to the world.

4214 West Wendover Ave.  #1118
Greensboro NC 27407
(919) 737-7748

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