• AMH Practitioners

    Nur Jihan “Gigi” Amer

    Spiritual Life Coach

    Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
    Universal Sufi Practioner
    Sound Heal
    Mantric Chantress
    DUP Dance Leader


    Andrew Sarmad Foehner

    Sound Healer
    Reiki 1 / 2 Practioner
    Mantric Chant Leader / Musician


    Rayellen Kishbach

    Circle Place

    Circle Place hosts gatherings and circles where people practice belonging. There is magic in creating a safe space, co-participating bravely and slowing down to truly listen with our whole hearts.

    Rayellen is founder of Circle Place, LLC. and a board member of A Mystic Haven, Inc. Her offerings in community include facilitating workshops, circles and one-with-one individual sessions to practice the art of belonging.

    Rayellen Kishbach

    978 – 772 – 7974


    Circle Place Community

    Breezy Balance Yoga

    We will make time for wellness or be forced to spend time on illness.

    *read that again*

    Yoga has changed my life for the better in more ways than I’m able to articulate.  I never imagined being a teacher, but I now have a burning passion for sharing the amazing benefits with anyone that needs help to find their balance, alleviate pain, calm their senses, change their perspective and find joy in their lives. 
    I hope to see you on the mat ~ Namaste!